Top 9 Best Nano Quadcopters in 2018 – Reviews and Guide

Nano quadcopters are getting popular by the day. They have various uses such as recording sports, videos, taking pictures and for entertainment. Children need various toys to play with, and the best nano quadcopters can do the trick; especially if they are at a learning stage. There are numerously available drones in the market. Majorly, the difference lies in their sizes.

With the numerous selections available, it is quite easy to run into an attractive nano drone. Nano drones can fly similar to recreational drones; however, they are best for beginners and children who find them attractive. 

A nano quadcopter that has the latest technology performs better. Go through our reviews of the best nano quadcopters and what to look for while seeking to buy one.






​7.2 ounces


​6 x 5 x 3.5 inches

​0.48 ounces


​1.6 x 1.6 x 0.8 inches

​0.16 ounces


​4.1 x 4.1 x 1 inches

​1.76 ounces


​3.7 x 3.7 x 2 inches

​1.05 pounds


​8.4 x 8.3 x 4.4 inches

​3.52 ounces


​2.6 x 2.6 x 1 inches

​8.8 ounces


​8.7 x 1.5 x 3.9 inches

​3.52 ounces


​2.6 x 2.6 x 1 inches

​5 ounces


​4.9 x 4.3 x 3 inches

Best Nano Quadcopters - Mini Reviews

​​​​​​​​Best Nano Quadcopters is designed to meet the needs of the consumers. After hours of research, testing and analyzing the features, We put ​Best Nano Quadcopters is a one of the best in our Product Type List.

GoolRC Company aims to provide products and accessories that satisfy the need s of the buyer. You can then be sure that this RC T36 has features and technology you need. It is small and compact but records high performance.

Having the latest technology, it offers 2.4GHz transmitter that prevents any interference. Enjoy using the remote to control the direction in which the drone flies. While still using it to vary speed and switch modes. Various speed suit various uses.

GoolRC T36 offers a stable flight system. Having the six-axis gyro latest flight control ascertains stability. Stable flying makes the controller enjoy easy flying. It is then suitable for beginners.

Impeccable craftsmanship makes the best nano quadcopters offer LED light. LED light makes it possible to fly the drone at night. Children get to enjoy unlimited fun whenever they want to. Its streamlined design makes it simple to operate. Also, the smooth design makes it wind resistant.

There is an available headless mode, which is the latest technology. Using the quadcopter in this mode means the nose direction has nothing to do with the forward direction. The course at which it is flying is similar to the remote controller.

T36 can make 3D flips, through its 360-degree flips using only one key. It is then easy to use even for beginners. GoolRC T36 offers a 360-degree flip is amusing. With one key return, the drone can automatically locate the remote and land.which is possible through the inbuilt positioning design.

To enable the one key return, press the "one key return" and watch the drone fly to the location of its remote control. Other features include; four channels, it charges for 50 minutes and can stay flying for 5 minutes. Controlling it is effective at 30m or less which is similar to drones in its class. 


  • ​Attractive appearance
  • ​LED light makes it possible to fly at night
  • ​360-degree flip and six-axis
  • ​Compared to other models, it spends more time flying


  • ​5 minutes of flying is less than other models

Virhuck GB202 Nano is a small quadcopter with a simple design. It lacks a flashy appearance, and some features such as advanced flight modes, headless mode, and a camera. The lack of features does not make it any less efficient.

Virhuck is suitable for beginners as it is simple to use and durable too. Virhuck Company recognizes the need for children to play and this drone helps the children develop other skills. Playing with Virhuck GB202 enables kids to develop their brain.

Having a flexible propeller material and a protection ring further makes it durable. You do not have to worry about getting another quadcopter if it slams against the wall.

Comprising of heavy duty material the quadcopter is stable (6 axis stabilization). Stability then makes it easy to control. Moreover, it offers the best technology which is up to date, 2.4GHz transmitter.

2.4GHz transmitter serves to prevent interference. There are various interferences that the drone can encounter while flying. The anti-interference then allows you fly many drones at the same time comfortable.

The control panel has switches that control mid-low speed, one key return, and a headless mode. It offers more fun through its flight tricks such as trim, flips, rolls, 3D rotation, and a 360-degree version. We suggest that beginners use a speed they are comfortable with preferably the slowest.

Virhuck GB202 is flexible and convenient due to its small size. The small size, however, does not minimize its power since it has four powerful motors. Also, it has extra propellers, which you can use in the event of damages.

Sometimes the weather tends to be poor, but we cannot stop our children from playing. GB202 suits both indoor and outdoor use thus offers unlimited fun.

However, if the children are just beginning to learn how to use the quadcopter, we recommend supervision to prevent damages to the house.


  • ​Stable and durable
  • ​Fits indoor use
  • ​Compact design and attractive appearance
  • ​Comes with four powerful motors
  • ​Has anti-interference transmitter


  • ​Lacks a camera
  • ​Does not have advanced flight modes

Newest Syma X20 Mini Drone is a small interesting RC Quadcopter. With a little size, it is light and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The color flash makes it possible to fly at night. Moreover, you can fly it in all directions.

Syma X20 allows you set your desired height through its altitude hold mode. The altitude hold performs better than other drones in the same class. It also offers a headless way; which eliminates the need to change the aircraft's position while flying.

Stability is a key factor to consider while flying any drone. Enjoy the up to date 6-axis gyro fight that increases the quadcopters stability. Being stable makes it easy to hover. You can then effortlessly apply various flight movements, enjoy easy control and strong wind resistance.

Having a takeoff that doubles up as a landing one makes it simple to use and suitable for beginners. To enable the takeoff or landing, press the auto to take off/land button and watch the RC quadcopter land or take off.

LED lights are among the features of the newest Syma X20. Thus, it keeps the fun endless since it can fly during the night. Furthermore, operating it at night adds glamour to the night sky.

It has a 360-degree rotation that perfects its action and in turn, increases its performance. Also, you can vary the speed, low or high.

In the event where the drone fails to respond, try charging the drone`s battery or replace the transmitter battery. Remember that the USB ports are delicate; avoid bending them to enhance the drones` durability. Specifically, use the drone's charger.

​Syma X20 can fly for five minutes and takes approximately 50 minutes for a full charge. You can control it up to 5m. This Syma drone has an inbuilt battery. Thus there can be no battery replacement.


  • ​Suitable for a beginner
  • ​Easy to operate
  • ​Features a headless mode
  • ​LED lights make it possible to fly it during the night
  • ​Stable and integrates up to date technology


  • ​It does not have a camera

EACHINE E010 has an attractive design which easily supports majority if not all of the beginner features. It is the best option if you need a nano drone to fly around your house.

Still, on its attractive appearance, it has a fuselage and a mock cockpit. This feature makes it appear as a flying sports car, which may be thrilling especially for kids. Despite its appealing look, it does perform beyond expectations.

E010 offers a 360-degree rollover that eliminates the usual boring pure WSAD flying. The 3D rolling not only enhances its performance but makes it thrilling. Among the modes it offers, there is a compass mode that enables the drone change direction whenever the direction of its remote control changes.

The fact that it's launching was recent, that means it offers up to date technology. Propeller ducts are the main reason that makes the drone`s body durable. Enjoy natural bouncing off the walls without having to worry about damages.

Most of the Best Nano quadcopters tend to have a radio transmitter with old shells, and so does this one. Although the sticks and shells tend to be similar, the interior buttons do differ with the brand. E010 has an ergonomic remote that is small enough to pocket. Charging the E010 takes 30-45 minutes, while it can last 5 minutes on air.

Having shoulder buttons make it stand out among other Nano quads. The switch on the right shoulder controls auto flip; while the button on the left shoulder changes the speed input, which can be low or high.

E010 allows FPV upgrading that is a bonus. Moreover, it offers a headless mode but only one key return. We recommend you use it in open space. It, therefore, doubles also as a nano FPVquadcopter.

​Common problems you are likely to experience include the quadcopter not lifting up. You can solve this by ensuring the propeller installation is correct. Whenever the motor doesn't spin, check it to get rid of anything that may be in it such as strings and hair strands.


  • ​Attractive design
  • ​Allows FPV upgrades
  • ​Has shoulder buttons


  • ​Less flying time

Safety is a concern when seeking to buy toys for them. GP-NextX F8 is both safe, and the flying is controllable. Featuring the latest 2.4GHz technology, and a 4CH six-axis gyro makes the drone stable. Moreover, it is flexible.

In case there is a collision of the drone, there is little or no damage. NextX has a Li-polymer battery which has a protective board. The protective board can automatically power off, that minimizes the cost whenever a crash occurs.

LED lights are present in this nano quadcopter. Give ultimate fun to your children by allowing them to fly the drone at night. You also get to enjoy a magnificent view of the drone in the sky.

Ease of operation makes this nano quadcopter suitable for beginners. There are control buttons for movement in any direction. Get to control the sideways flying and spinning.

Enable the 360-degree rotation, and get to select the speed control among the conventional two. You can also hand-throw reset the drone; all this controls by just a button.

The primary material making GP-NextX is durable and sturdy. It is normal for accidents to happen; which is why the robust drone has a protective cover. Worry less about dents, breakages or any damages that result from collisions.

To fully charge, it requires an hour, after which it gets to fly for between 6 and 8 minutes. The control distance is 100m which is impressive since most drones offer less than half.

Also, it has a 2Megapixel camera and can shoot videos too. On delivery it is inclusive of; an LCD Screen transmitter, HD camera, card reader, four blades, a USB cable and a screwdriver, two batteries, a 4GB SD Card and a user manual.

​In case of any question or malfunction, contact the customer care. There are no delays whatsoever since the help desk replies within 24 hours.


  • ​​High flying times
  • ​Comes with an SD Card
  • ​Control is up to 100m​
  • ​Automatic power shut down


  • ​It takes an hour to charge which is quite long. However, it does fly for long.

EACHINE 012HW is the best nano FPV quadcopter because it uses WIFI and transmits real-time FPV. You can then take photos, record videos that create memories.

Among the modes it offers is an altitude mode; which allows you set your desirable flight height. Moreover, altitude mode makes the drone more stable.

Still, on modes, it does have a headless mode. The headless method makes it possible to change the direction in which the quadcopter is flying to by merely changing the course of the remote control.

A one essential return function makes it comfortable and convenient. Pressing this button causes the drone return to its previous position from where it took off. Moreover, it adopts 5.2.4GHz technology for Anti-interference.

It has a 6.4 channel that can serve various functions, These functions include; forward and backward, ascend and descend, right and left sideward fly, and finally, 360 degrees are rolling.

For more stability, it has a six-axis gyro. A steady drone is easy to fly and easy to control as well. The speed at which the drone flies is variable at three modes. Activating various speeds or switching the gears is a fun activity.

Offering a 360-degree rotation at four directions and four LED lights is overwhelming. The 3D rotation is exciting which the four courses of flight add-on. Having LED lights to make it suitable for night use, not to mention the allure the four lights add to the sky.

The material making the quadcopters fuselage is robust, sturdy and resistant. Which means the drone is durable. The engineering plastics are the further light that enhances optimal performance.

Matching the drone with its remote control is simple. You only need to turn on both the drone and the remote, pull up the left throttle and then push it down. A beep sound ascertains correct matching.

​You can control the drone using your mobile phone. First, get the I drones WIFI app which you can download, power the drone and connect it to the WIFI. Launch the app and press control the interface and set the altitude hold mode. Pressing 20 lifts the drone.


  • ​​Durable construction material
  • ​Simple to use
  • ​Embeds the latest technology
  • ​Allows Wi-Fi connection and control
  • ​Long flying duration


  • ​Lacks advanced flight modes

Syma X12S is an excellent small size drone that provides six-axis type light switches. The six directions make it fun to watch it shifting from one position to another.

These axes also make it easy to control, simple to implement numerous flight movements.  Also, you enjoy strong wind resistance.

The further impression is through its 360-degree motion, and you get to the 3D enjoy flips. Moreover, the flips and the six directions complement each other.You can then have kept it continuously rolling.

With a significant level of stability, operating the drone is easy. It is then suitable for beginners since all you have to do is use the control button. Using the control button you can let the drone fly; up or down, forward or backward,  sideward either to the left or right, or make it turn right and left.

Varying speed movements are available. Choose the speed you are most comfortable using. You do not have to worry about it being too slow for its purpose.

Interference may happen during the quadcopter flight. To avoid this, X12S has a 2.4 GHz radio. The radio offers additional support to the spread spectrum technology to cut off interferences.

Using 2.4 technology also enables you to fly various quadcopters simultaneously without any interference whatsoever. Furthermore, the transmitter offers 100 times faster speed in comparison with the radio controller.

Charging it takes 30 minutes after which it can fly for between 6 and 8 minutes. Its flying time is higher compared to other models in the same class. It comes with a USB charging cable, small screwdriver in case there is need to disassemble, battery, extra propeller set, 2.4GHz transmitter and an instruction manual.

​Syma X12S may be small and have little volume, but it is stable and operates efficiently. NOTE: The FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) meeds registration of majority of the drones flying in the US, both for commercial and recreational purposes.


  • ​Easy to fly
  • ​Suitable for beginners
  • ​Stable flight
  • ​Offers anti-interference


  • ​It does not have a camera

EACHINE E012 has a headless mode. A headless mode implies you do not have to adjust the quadcopters position before it takes off. Get to experience up to date technology that allows you change its direction through the remote.

The remote has one key to return use. Pressing this button makes the drone come back to the point it initially took off. There is no hassle going to find it after landing.

A flying drone is likely to encounter interference. Looking to Prevent these inconveniences the quadcopter integrates recent technology. It anti-interference transmitter is 2.4GHz.

To enjoy optimal control of the device, it has four channels. These four directions can be and/descend, 360-degree flip, forward/backward and left or right sideward fly.

How stable the quadcopter is affected its ability to fly. Having a six-axis gyro enables stable flying. Also, the axes make it simple to control, which in turn makes it easy to manage.

Various uses of the quadcopter determine the need for speed. Acknowledging this, the E012 has three level variable speeds. Switching the gears is also exciting. There are protection rings at the blade for safety.

The drone can rotate 360 degrees. This 3D tumbling ca happen in any of the four directions. Enjoy shifting the directions and flipping the quadcopter. For durability, the fuselage comprises a robust material that is resistant.

E012 has LED lights that make it possible to fly at night. Below are various tips while using the drone- if looking to link the quadcopters battery, take out the battery, insert the port and insert the battery.

When looking to turn the drone, turn the remote. Remember to turn on the quadcopter before turning on the remote. When done using it, turn off the remote and drone.

​While flying for the first time, we recommend you to operate it in a field. Also, comprehensively go through the manual to prevent damages.


  • ​LED lights ensure you can fly it at night
  • ​Has anti-interference technology
  • ​Simple to operate
  • ​360-degree flips
  • ​Headless mode
  • ​One key course for reversal


  • ​Does not have a camera

GoolRC CX-10C Company aims to provide products and accessories that satisfy the need s of the buyer. You can then be sure that this CX-10C has features and technology you need; which make it the best nano RC Quadcopter. Having the latest technology, it offers 2.4G remote control.

The look is appealing, and so is the box in which the quadcopter is. The first impression does matter. In the box, there will be the quadcopter, a USB charging cable, a transmitter, user manual and four spare blades.

For the transmitter, we suggest you choose the mode two transmitters. It is easy to use, accessible and is the most popular; one that has a left side throttle control.

CX-10C is inclusive of a camera and probably one of the smallest drones in the market. The camera has a 0.3Megapixel. In comparison to other CX models, it is heavier. Heaviness increases stability. Moreover, the heftiness does not alter its speed.

​The camera does take photos which may not be as bright as you may want. However, the pictures are okay for memories.  Its controller is massive, high quality and has both photo and video buttons.

This Nano RC Quadcopter is simple to use that makes it suitable for beginners. It offers a 360-degree flip that adds to the thrill of using a quadcopter, especially for children.

Providing different levels of speed makes it convenient. You do not have to keep waiting for recording or images while tolerating low speeds. Also, it is fun switching the rates as you flip it. For a beginner, we recommend using the slowest rate to prevent accidents.

Its performance is high despite the lack of modes such as headless mode and one key return that most models offer. It charges for minutes and flies for 4 minutes.

​How long it lasts flying depends on how you operate it, whether you are using the camera and if the wind blowing is strong. While shooting a video throughout, it lasts averagely 2.5 minutes.


  • ​360-degree rotation
  • ​Construction features heavy material that makes it stable
  • ​High-quality remote controller


  • ​​Less flying time, 4 minutes maximum​
  • ​Does not have various modes such as headless that most models offer

​Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Nano Quadcopters

​Below are the most critical aspects that you need to put in mind.

​Battery Life

​The best nano quadcopters needs to have long battery life. Focus on how long the drone charges and how long it will fly after full charging. Check whether the battery is replaceable in case it dies or it malfunctions.

Also, pay attention to the charging method of the quadcopter. Many are the time's cameras have their batteries which they use up as they operate; which in turn extends the flight time.

​Type of Camera

The camera type of the best nano quadcopters is important. Some may mini drone models are inclusive of their cameras while others need attachment of products such as GoPro. We recommend you choose a quadcopter that has its inbuilt camera.

​Inbuilt camera tends to be light and more functional. Another factors to consider under the camera is; the megapixels, video resolution, if the camera angle is controllable and the camera distance.

​Live Feed

​Not all drones offer a live feed. Most of the expensive ones have this feature which makes them worth. Normally, one with a live feed allows transmission to various devices using Wi-Fi. The feed mostly goes to the smartphone, tablet or computer.

​Control Range

​It is vital to consider the range within which you control the quadcopter. Most Micro drones offer a 30m range. While the field may seem insignificant for casual users, it plays a vital role for those who seek aerial footage.

​Height and Speed

​Height and speed depend on personal preference. Depending on the use of the quadcopter, you may need to use it at different height levels. Speed mostly ranges between 10 and 15 mph. just like height, it depends on the use. You sure need a faster drone when recording sports or games.

​Final Words

​Various quadcopters fit various uses. Also, tastes and preferences vary while selecting the best that meets your needs. The best nano quadcopters has to have long battery life, take explicit pictures and videos. GoolRC CX-10C Mini 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis Nano RC Quadcopter stands out.

​Nano quadcopters should be small and record high performance. Some lack a camera, but CX-10 is compact and has a 3 Megapixel camera. It may take less time on air, but the fact that speed is variable and it flips adds to its features. So does the Anti-Interference transmitter.

​Feel free to order any of the above quadcopters.

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